Lily and Shockwaves NME Awards host to get hitched?

James Corden and singer joke about wedding bells

Lily Allen and 2008 Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 co-presenter James Corden have joked about getting married.

Corden, who appeared on this week’s ‘Lily And Friends’ show (March 11), admitted before filming he had a crush on the ‘Smile’ singer.

Corden explained that he only wanted to go on the show to meet the object of his affections, before jokingly taking the lead in the burgeoning “relationship”.

Having flirted throughout the episode, Corden finished by telling the singer a wedding was now inevitable.

“We both know that when we get married it’ll be me,” he declared. “You and two people we don’t know in Vegas in about five weeks time.”

Allen‘s chat show is currently being shown on BBC3.