Lily Allen fans offer condolences after miscarriage

Messages of support and goodwill pour in for the singer

Lily Allen fans have sent messages or support to the singer following the announcement of her miscarriage today (January 18).

Since the announcement Allen’s MySpace page has been a hub for fans offering condolences and offering goodwill to the star and her boyfriend, Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers.

“I’m so sorry to hear of your loss Lily,” wrote ‘Joe’. “Stay strong during this very upsetting time.”

‘Sophia’ wrote: “Yourself and Ed are in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my daughter on January 28 2004, so I understand what you are going through. Stay close to each other.”

‘Jamie’ wrote: “Lily dear, I am sorry for your loss. I wish I could return the favour that you gave me. I first heard your music last year and it inspired me through a tough time. I was able to share it with many low income children in Boston.”

“Please stay strong,” wrote ‘Kirsty’. “I’m sure you’ll have so much love and support around you at this time. My thoughts are with you, Ed and your family.”

All the staff at NME and NME.COM offer their condolences to Allen and wish her all the very best.