Lily Allen gets ‘Naughty’ on new album

Singer discusses recording in LA

Lily Allen has revealed new details about her forthcoming album.

The singer said that the tentative title for the follow-up to her highly successful 2006 debut is ‘Stuck On The Naughty Step’.

“In England, when kids are naughty, they get sent to sit on the naughty step,” she explained. “Like a timeout, you know? I feel like I’m stuck in a hole where people say, ‘Lily, you’re bad. Go think about what you’ve done’.”


Allen has been working on the new album in Los Angeles with producer Greg Kurstin of the Bird And The Bee.

“I haven’t drunk the whole time I’ve been here in LA, and I’m up every day at eight,” she told Rolling Stone.

Talking about the recording sessions, Allen explained: “Greg builds the chords up and I just sing along and make up the words. And then once you’ve got the bare song, we decide which way we’re gonna go with the production.”

The singer admitted to feeling insecure about the way her new album will be received.

“I’m really scared about what people are going to say,” Allen said. “I don’t know why. Some people will like it and some won’t. If people hate it, then I’ll just try something else.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.


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