Lily Allen collaborating with Wiley on new album

'Rolex' man says he wants to 'go pop'

Lily Allen has collaborated with Wiley on the ‘Wearing My Rolex’ man’s new album.

The as-yet-untitled track will appear alongside collaborations with Mark Ronson and Hot Chip on ‘I See Clear’, released on October 13, according to the Daily Star.

“I always wanted to work with Lily since I heard ‘Alright, Still’,” Wiley told the paper. “It was weird ‘cos when I listened to it I used to sit there giggling thinking ‘this girl’s cool’. But then I realised she wasn’t just cool, she’d sold a million records. I respected her even more after that. The track we’ve done is a scorcher. This is the way I want to go. I want to push boundaries but I want to stay in the charts by making tunes that connect with people. It’s pop all the way from here.”

Wiley‘s new single, ‘Summertime’, is out on September 22.

As previously reported, Lily Allen has blamed her record company, EMI, for the delay of the release of her forthcoming second album, which is tentatively titled ‘Stuck On The Naughty Step’.