Lily Allen writes song about the BNP

Listen to the singer's latest effort now

Lily Allen has posted by a clip of a new song about the British National Party on her MySpace page.

The song, entitled ‘Guess Who Batman?’, is expected to feature on Allen‘s forthcoming second album, which she is completing in Los Angeles.

Writing on the Lily Allen MySpace blog, the singer explained, “This song is not a direct attack at anyone, it was originally written about the BNP in the UK but then I felt this issue has become relevant pretty much everywhere.”


The song features the lyrics, “Look inside your tiny mind, then look a bit harder/’Cos we’re so uninspired, so sick and tired of all the hatred you harbour/So you say it’s not OK to be gay, well I think you’re just evil/You’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces, your point of view is medieval/Fuck you, fuck you very much/’Cos we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew, so please don’t stay in touch.”

Listen to the new Lily Allen song on the Lily Allen MySpace page now.

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