Lily Allen gets own TV show?

Singer also previews new musical direction

Lily Allen may get her own TV show, she has explained.

The singer, who famously appeared on Channel 4’s ’The Friday Night Project’ earlier this year and revealed her ‘third nipple’, posted details on her Myspace blog of television meetings which she has been involved in .

“I’m having meetings about a potential TV show,” she explained, before adding that she is considering a different musical direction on her second album.

“I spent the past couple of weeks in a twee little cottage in the Cotwolds starting on the next album, and it’s gone so well, I’m just over the moon at the moment,” she declared. “I feel like I’m on Prozac or something.”

She added: “I won’t say much, but it’s a different musical direction and really quite exciting. Everything just seems to be falling into place… I’m doing Fashion Rocks in a couple of weeks which should be quite exciting and then going back into the studio to finish off the album.”

Allen began working on the new album in June with Future Cut.url=]One of the new songs is called ’Steve From Accounts’.