Lily Allen toast of Fashion Week

She's on New York designers' playlists

Lily Allen has become the unexpected toast of New York Fashion Week.

The singer is the most featured artist on designers’ catwalk playlists.

Betsey Johnson and Luca Luca used Allen’s ’Smile’, Chaiken used ’Everything’s Is So Wonderful’, while Diane Von Furstenberg plumped for ‘LDN’.

It bodes well for Allen who, as previously reported by NME.COM, is set to release her first US EP – a four-track collection called ’Smile’ – on Tuesday (September 26).

According to, other tracks featured on the catwalk have included Hot Chip‘s ’Boy From School’, The Clash’s ’Train In Vain’ and a mash-up between Destiny’s Child and Arctic Monkeys called ’Burn Breath’.

Meanwhile Allen is set to play the following US dates:

Los Angeles Troubadour (October 14)

Chicago Double Door (16)