Lily Allen slams Victoria Beckham

Singer lays into former Spice Girl

Lily Allen laid into former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, slamming her for pressurising kids into wanting expensive products that they can’t afford.

Allen made her comments about the wife of footballer David Beckham on the BBC discussion show ‘This Week’.

She argued: “We are bombarded with fashion mags and gossip mags with rich pop stars and Victoria Beckhams with their new handbags and kids think that’s the sort of life they should have.”

The singer also admitted that despite chart success, she still is unable to afford a one-bedroom flat in her home city of London.

She explained, “I’ve been doing what I do for a few years now and I’ve been paid pretty well for it, but even I’m not in a position to buy a one-bedroom flat in the city I grew up in.”