Tabloid Hell: Lily Allen hates Radiohead

Band are branded 'arrogant'

Lily Allen has put down the gauntlet of respect and laid into Radiohead.

The chirpy chanteuse has branded the Oxford braniacs “arrogant” for giving the fans the chance to download their new album ’In Rainbows’ for free.

She reportedly said she thinks it was unfair for the millionaires to devaluate recorded music and survive on touring money when other acts can’t.

Allen said: “It’s arrogant for them to give their music away for free – they’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven’t done as well.”

She also rather bizarrely added: “You don’t choose how to pay for eggs. Why should it be different for music?”

It’s hard to disagree with that kind of logic.