Lily Allen enraged over satirical track

'LDN Is A Victim' provokes the singer

Lily Allen has been left seething after an unknown track that sends-up the current crop of London artist scenesters appeared online.

Performed by an (as-of-yet) un-revealed artist, ‘LDN Is A Victim’ name-checks the likes of Lily Allen, The Streets, Kate Nash and The Maccabees.

The track has spread across the internet over the last week, and parodies the current London music scene and its supposed “middle class” roots.

Posting a comment on the ‘LDN Is A Victim’Myspace page, Lily Allen fumed: “So what if we’re middle class? Just cause your mum was too lazy to get her fat ass off the sofa and make some cash. I shouldn’t be able to make tunes yeah? (Which is more than you’re doing by the way).”

Continuing her post, she added sarcastically: “Thanks for the song, it really made us see the light, now we know where we belong.”

‘LDN Is A Victim’ is currently available to download through , while a limited edition 7″ is due out on April 23.

For more on ‘LDN Is A Victim’ see this week’s issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands nationwide from April 11.