Lily Allen hits out at Libertines fans

And explains her war against indie

Lily Allen has criticised Libertines fans for their obsession with the band.

The chart-topping singer, speaking in this week’s NME, was discussing the reaction she got after she criticised Carl Barat and The Kooks.

Libertines fans gave me a lot of shit, but I think they’re all obsessed with that band in a really dangerous way,” she said. “I get hate mail all the time! I like it. I feel bad for my fans who send me nice messages because I tend to only reply to the really horrible ones. People are constantly being rude about me, especially after The Kooks and the Carl Barat thing.”

She also addressed her so-called war against indie by stating: “I like lots of indie bands. I’m a fan of good guitar music. I think it’s just that at the moment everyone’s like, ‘Music’s so great, we’ve got these great indie rock bands’ but in reality they all sound the same. They’re just doing what S Club 7 and Steps did – regurgitating the same songs because that’s what people are buying at the moment.”

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