Lily Allen berates England after defeat

Sven, Beckham and Ronaldo don’t get a ‘Smile’

Lily Allen has torn into England, following the side’s defeat at the 2006 World Cup (July 1).

The singer, who releases new single ‘Smile’ today (July 3), bemoaned England’s departure at the quarter-final stages – blaming manager Sven-Goran Eriksson.

“Thank god Sven‘s reign is over,” declared Allen on her blog. “England have been shit in this tournament. Saying that, I was proud of them from the second half of (the Portugal) game. I think football reflects the state of a country at that time, and to be honest I’m with Germany from here on. Germany have managed to shake their stereotype of being a square, uncultured and over-efficient society and have embraced a 21st century way of living.

“I was in Germany last week, they have a good health service, great opportunities for young people and seem to be a country I would be proud to be a part of and I think their football reflects that. England, on the other hand, play in a way that reflects our society – money-minded, confused, lacking control and direction and, most of all, bored.”

Allen also attacked captain David Beckham, who resigned from the role following the defeat to Portugal on penalties.

Beckham‘s shit,” she wrote. “I hope he never plays for England again, the FA only play him for fear of losing shirt sales, and I’m ashamed of us for those reasons. Sven’s walking away from today’s match with five odd million quid, he doesn’t give a shit.”

However Allen saved her harshest words for Portugal player Cristiano Ronaldo, whose intervention has been blamed for encouraging the referee to red card England striker Wayne Rooney.

Ronaldo is a dirty, dirty bastard,” wrote Allen. “Ronaldo is pure evil, did you see the winking and him winding up Rooney earlier on in the game? I bet the press are gonna use Rooney as the scapegoat, but I reckon we should go after Ronaldo.”