Lily Allen quits Twitter

Singer takes time out following recent tabloid reports

Lily Allen has quit Twitter following recent reports claiming she “dramatically collapsed after a public drinking and smoking binge” at London’s Notting Hill Carnival over the weekend.

Alongside a screen shot of an email apparently warning her that a story would be running in The Sun, the singer wrote on Twitter earlier this week: “Truth is I’m just a lightweight, I had 2 cans of strongbow on an empty stomach. I’m here now and I’m absolutely fine.”

Another report ran in today’s edition of the newspaper, which alleged her career and personal life were “in tatters”.

But Allen, who has since changed her Twitter handle to Dramatic Collapser, hit back and wrote: “I have been busy recording my fourth solo album and it’s very close to being finished. I have postponed its delivery because I want to be on hand to settle my daughter (Ethel) into big school this Sept.”

The singer also confirmed that she has quit Twitter for the time being. “Anyway, I think I’ll steer clear of the internets (sic) for a bit,” she added. “This shit just makes me more determined TBH (to be honest). My music will do the talking soon… Until then tweeps (sic), I’m off grid. Love you all for having my back though, thank you.”

Last week, Allen reassured fans she was safe and well after returning from a holiday in Italy, which had been hit by a major earthquake.

The singer tweeted at the time: “Thank you everyone for all your concerned tweets. I had to leave my family holiday in Umbria early to come home for a funeral. Such sad scenes, but feeling blessed that my lot are all OK.”