Lily Allen shares photos as she attends same party as Rupert Murdoch and Nigel Farage

"Hope I'm not sitting next to Voldemort or Fromage"

Lily Allen has shared photos and videos of both Rupert Murdoch and Nigel Farage as she attends the same garden party.

Taking to Twitter, Allen first posted a photo of the pair before sharing a series of videos – one which also includes a chat with actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

Writing on Twitter, Allen captioned the first photo: “I’m at a garden party. Hope I’m not sitting next to Voldemort or Fromage. I might be sick.” Later filming at the dinner table, Allen shared a video, stating: “Liam fox, Murdoch and Farage, breaking bread here.” She then shared a video of Murdoch and his recent wife Jerry Hall walking towards a building, with the caption “Nappy change”.

Most recently, she has shared a video of Sir Patrick Stewart, with another man asking him what he thinks of the party and of Murdoch. “I shook his hand,” Stewart says, before adding “we talked for ten minutes.”

When the man asks whether Stewart would play Murdoch in a “big biopic” Stewart is seen laughing. Allen has been visibly opinionated about the recent happenings in UK politics, calling out ex-Prime Minister David Cameron last week (June 29) as the fall-out from Brexit continued.

Writing on Twitter, Allen branded Cameron “reckless” because he “has no plan for the outcome” of the referendum. “Utterly shameful, where the fuck is our Prime Minister. Or Boris, or anyone actually IN power ? What is going on ?,” she asked.