Lily Allen: ‘I Google myself daily’

'I feel cleverer than the people who write crap about me,' says the 'Sheezus' singer

Lily Allen has said that she Googles herself “daily”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, the ‘Sheezus’ star was asked if she minded being ‘tabloid fodder’. “I don’t know – if I wasn’t then I would worry,” she said. “As a woman I think it’s difficult because tabloids are really derogatory towards women, just quite nasty. I just want to speed forwards 20 years until we’re over the objectification.”

She went on say that she knows what kind of press about her is circulating, as she searches her own name online on a regular basis. “I’m not going to lie – I Google myself daily,” she commented. “I know exactly what’s out there. Most of it’s rubbish and it’s really hard for me not to respond, because I feel cleverer than the people who write crap about me.”

Talking about how motherhood has affected her return to music, she said that the industry people she deals with don’t understand her need to be with her children. “What I am finding hard is that my record company, newspapers or magazines whoever it is that I’m doing work for, or festivals, are very unforgiving when it comes to… when I go ‘I miss my kids’, they’re like ‘We really don’t care’. They want you to be like One Direction… but I have got two little babies waiting at home for me. I saw them yesterday morning, but I’m already dying inside missing them.”

She added that her children are with her most of the time and it upsets her to see comments on gossip sites from people suggesting she has abandoned them to play gigs. “It’s not the truth – I almost want to Instagram my kids to prove that I’m a good mum, but that would make me a bad mum,” she said.

During the interview she also explained that she never intended to make a third album and had been writing songs for other people. Yet when she had amassed a healthy number of songs decided to make a record of her own, resulting in ‘Sheezus’, which was released earlier this year.

Allen said that she often offers up and coming female singers advice on the phone, playing “Auntie Pop”. “I do a lot of speaking to girls on the phone that are just coming up,” she explained.