Lily Allen: ‘Of course I’m a feminist’

Singer backtracks on previous comments and attacks 'sneering' music industry

Lily Allen has backtracked on a number of comments she made about feminism in a recent interview and criticised the music industry for being “sneering” towards women.

The singer said in a recent interview with Shortlist that she does not think feminism should be an issue in 2014, stating that “everyone is equal” in the modern world. Allen, who will release new album ‘Sheezus’ later this year, made the comments as part of her role as guest editor of the magazine’s ‘How To Be A Man’ issue.

However, in a new interview with The Debrief, Allen has hit back at the way she was portrayed, saying: “Of course I’m a feminist.” Speaking more widely on the subject, Allen maintains that she is surprised gender equality has not yet been reached and says she has no regrets speaking out on the subject. “What’s the point if you don’t speak your mind?,” she says. “You can’t on the one hand put somebody like me up on a pedestal and say, ‘You’re a role model for my children’ and then expect me not to talk about things like that.”

Discussing how she sees change occurring, Allen cites the music industry as being problematic. “I know that I get talked to in label meetings and by executives like a woman. It’s demoralising and sneering, and we apparently don’t have an opinion. It’s done in a way to make you feel ashamed, whether they know they’re doing it or not. There are women in the room, in those meetings, and no-one says, ‘Don’t talk to her like that.’ That’s the only way I feel like it’s going to change, when people start saying, ‘You can’t fucking do that!'”

Earlier this year Allen expressed worry that Kanye West might react negatively to her referencing his 2013 album ‘Yeezus’ with her new album title. The singer, who won Best Solo Artist at last week’s NME Awards With Austin, Texas, named her third album as an homage to the rapper.