Lily Allen has pulled out of Glastonbury due to knee injury

The singer was due to DJ on Saturday (June 25)

Lily Allen has pulled out of Glastonbury due to a knee injury.

While the singer wasn’t scheduled to perform at this year’s festival, she was due to DJ on Saturday (June 25).

According to The Hamilton Spectator, a bash to the ligament has forced her to not attend for the first time in a decade.

“I’m not going to Glastonbury. I have a hole in the back of my kneecap and it’s excruciatingly painful so I don’t think the mud is for me,” she told The Sun.

Earlier today, James‘ Glastonbury set was delayed as
damage to the Other Stage field needed to be repaired

Staff were still laying woodchips on the ground to soak up and cover excess mud that had gathered in front of the stage when their set time came around.

Festival organiser Michael Eavis spoke to the crowd once the work had been completed, announcing that the fences cordoning off the area were about to be removed.

“Move slowly forward to the front,” he warned. “James will be on stage in around six minutes. Thank you for coming, you really are the best audience in the whole wide world.”