Lily Allen’s stalker has been sectioned

Allen was "left terrified for my and my children's safety"

Earlier this year (April 17), Lily Allen revealed that she had been harassed by a stalker for seven years. Alex Gray, a man in his early twenties from Perth in Scotland, began his harassment of the singer in 2009 by setting up a Twitter account called @lilyallenRIP and claiming he had written her Number One single ‘The Fear’.

He then began leaving abusive letters at her flat, record company and a shop belonging to her sister, Allen recalled in an exclusive interview with The Observer. The harassment culminated in an incident last October in which Gray managed to enter Allen’s house and bedroom and proceeded to steal her handbag.

According to Sky News, Gray has now been sectioned after being convicted of harassment. Allen did not attend the hearing at Harrow Crown Court, but in a statement said she was “left terrified for my and my children’s safety”.


Judge Martyn Barklem said Gray had told police he would “cut her with a knife”. “This was a terrifying experience for (Lily Allen), and it was extremely fortunate there was an adult male in the property who evicted Mr Gray from it,” he said.

“It has affected how I live my life. I’m very wary, I have trust issues,” Allen said of her ordeal. “It impacts on your relationships, everything. I’m practically a hermit now. I’m very aware of trying not to overdramatise what’s happened, I’m aware that some fears are irrational; I know he is in prison. If I hear a bang, every little noise makes me start. I see his face in people in the street.”

Actress Samantha Morton hailed Lily Allen for publicly opening up about the stalker. Morton, who appeared in court in 2008 to testify against her childhood friend Noel Watts, who had allegedly bombarded her with letters, emails and disturbing phone calls trying to declare his love for her, took to Twitter to praise the singer and offer her support.