Lily Allen on her new album: ‘I’m sure people will find things to get angry about’

Singer critical of online coverage of her recent single 'Hard Out Here'

Lily Allen has said that she is sure people “will find things to get angry about” on her new album.

The singer appears inside this week’s NME, which is on newsstands or available digitally now. She features as part of a rundown of 100 albums to look forward to in 2014 containing exclusive studio reports and photos.

Speaking about her return from pop retirement and the album she plans to release this spring, Allen says she is certain there will be similar controversies about her material like there was in late 2013 when she released ‘Hard Out Here’ and its accompanying video. “When you put something out there, people want to write about it. They want the hits, they want American Apparel to advertise on their blog. So, yeah, I’m sure people will find things to get angry about on the record.”

Discussing the sound of the record, meanwhile, Allen tells fans to expect a modern sounding pop album. “The last couple [of albums] looked to the past for their influences, whether it was ska or reggae or whatever, but this one doesn’t do that at all. There’s one that has a quite country-ish, Primal Scream-y vibe to it – but that’s about the extent of it.”

Lily Allen recently confirmed that she will perform live at a charity concert held at London’s Royal Albert Hall this April. She will play live on April 1 as part of children’s charity Coram’s City Rocks event. Coram is the world’s oldest children’s charity and celebrates its 275th birthday this year.

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