Lily Allen claims she was ‘sexually harassed’ and suggests she is taking legal action

The singer said she doesn't want to gain anything, including money, from standing up to the alleged perpetrator

Lily Allen has claimed she was sexually harassed and suggested she is taking legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

The singer, who is set to release her fourth solo album, ‘No Shame‘, on June 8, recently appeared on James O’Brien’s Unfiltered podcast. It comes four years after her last record, ‘Sheezus’.

During the recording,¬†Allen discussed Harvey Weinstein’s alleged crimes (all of which he has unequivocally denied) and the reasons why people were now coming forward about sexual misconduct. “I’ve been harassed,” she said. “I can’t talk too much for legal reasons, but I’m in the process of dealing with something.”


She added that she found it “interesting” that some people think there’s “something to be gained” from speaking out about these experiences. “Actually, I think all that most women want is to just offload it,” she explained. “To be, like, ‘You know, I don’t want to carry this around with me any more.’ It doesn’t go away.”

Speaking of her own perspective, she said: “Suddenly, finally, I feel like I can get this asshole’s name out of my mouth and out of my head. I don’t want money. If it was about that then I would sue in the civil courts and would attach a non-disclosure agreement to it. That’s not what I want.”

Allen recently questioned the impact caused by the #MeToo movement. In a recent interview with Vice, she was asked how celebrity support for #MeToo has “enacted a big amount of change”. She replied: “Has it? Who’s been arrested? Who’s gone to jail?

“If Harvey Weinstein had been accused of murdering 52 people, he would be in jail by now,” she argued. “He’s not.”

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