Lily Allen couldn’t get Kanye West off the phone during Christmas Day call

We wish Ye a Merry Christmas

Kanye West and Lily Allen

Lily Allen has revealed how Kanye West phoned her up for a lengthy conversation on Christmas Day.

The 33-year-old disclosed how the ‘Ye’ star was eager to have an extensive chinwag after he called her during the festive season.

Speaking to Brisbane’s Hit105 Radio, she admitted that the call happened “a long time ago” after they collaborated on Common’s ‘Drive Me Wild’.


“He wanted to speak about for like an hour and a half, and I was like ‘ahhh I’m kind of busy Kanye. I have some presents to open and turkey to cook and stuff, but thanks for calling!'”, she admitted.

The singer later praised Kanye’s notoriously high-pressure work ethic, describing him as “very focused”.

As well as working on a new album with Chance The Rapper, Kanye made a surprise appearance at the Pornhub Awards last Friday – where he was the creative director of the entire ceremony.


The ceremony also provided Kanye with the chance to debut ‘I Love It’, a new collaboration with Lil Pump. The track was debuted alongside a music video directed by Spike Jonze.

Lily Allen, meanwhile, recently discussed her thoughts and reasoning behind sleeping with female escorts in the past, after details from her new book were leaked last week.

“It’s not like steamy, raunchy – although that’s what the tabloids have made it out to be, as a ‘lesbian prostitute sex romp’ which I guess it was in a way,” said Allen.

“It was more about a period of time that I was feeling incredibly lonely and sort of at my wits end. I was looking for anything. Looking for an outlet.”


Lily Allen releases ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ on September 20.