Lily Allen criticised for repeating homophobic slur in anti-Trump tweet

Singer recently appeared at the London Women's March

Lily Allen has been criticised for tweeting a homophobic slur in a tweet about Donald Trump.

The singer was sharing an article from the Gay Times about her new video that was shot at the London Women’s March last weekend.

The post included a picture of a LGBTQ placard that read: “Fags hate Trump”. Sharing the article, Allen repeated the slogan on Twitter.


Following criticism for repeating the phrase, Allen pointed out that she was saying what was “on the poster on the picture”. However, some on Twitter didn’t accept this as an excuse, with one user arguing: “Please don’t collectively call us ‘f**s’. Some of us don’t mind; but some of us hate it. Would you use the ‘N’ word collectively?”.

Last week, Allen put together an anti-Donald Trump playlist, titled ‘He’s Got The Whole World, In His Tiny Hands’. It included Johnny Cash’s ‘Orange Blossom Special’, Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’, The Clash’s ‘Straight to Hell’ and LCD Soundsystem’s ‘North American Scum’, plus two of her own songs — ‘Him’ and ‘Fuck You’.

Allen was also recently criticised for a tweet that claimed the world “hates” Britain because of its history of slavery. “A Global Britain could [be] good, but the world still hates us cause SLAVERY,” she said, in a tweet that was later deleted. One user said that Allen was “waffling bollocks like normal about a subject she knew nothing about”, while another described her as “completely mad”.