Lily Allen says her Glastonbury 2014 performance was “just before things really started to fall apart”

"I feel like I’ve come so far since then and I am so much happier and healthier"

Lily Allen has reflected on her performance at Glastonbury 2014 saying it was “just before things really started to fall apart” for her.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Allen was reflecting on her performances at Glastonbury over the years. This weekend, the BBC will be broadcasting Allen’s set from 2009 as part of its 50th celebrations for the cancelled festival.

In one post, Allen wrote: “Sad not to be on worthy farm this weekend” before adding images from her sets from 2009 and 2014.


Sharing an image from 2014, Allen wrote: “And here’s me at Glastonbury in 2014 just before things really started to fall apart.

“It’s hard for me to look at these but I feel like I’ve come so far since then and I am so much happier and healthier.” You can see the posts below.

In her 2018 autobiography, My Thoughts Exactly, Allen opened up about some of the struggles that led to her issues in 2014. Described as “depicting a life of chaos,” the autobiography saw Allen explain how she “depended on drink, drugs and sex to get through the days.”


Allen also went on to detail the depression she suffered following her divorce from Sam Cooper and in 2016, it emerged that Allen had been harassed by a stalker for over seven years. Allen criticised the police for their handling of the case, arguing that it was like “hitting a brick wall”.

In 2018, Allen told NME how her album ‘No Shame’ helped her to deal with the issues she experienced.

Speaking about the album, Allen said: “What I’ve heard back from people with this record is it’s very confessional and honest and gritty. People are like, ‘Why would you want to reveal so much of yourself?’

“But actually, for the last 10 years, people have tried really hard to reveal the most intimate details of my life without permission. So maybe this is me taking ownership of my narrative and presenting it in musical form.

“I’ve got no control over what people are going to say about me, so I might as well try and get the truth across in the only way I can, which is music.”

Last month (May 15), Allen claimed she was once contacted about potentially starring in American Horror Story.

Via a new video on Instagram, the singer said she received a phone call “maybe six months, maybe a year ago” about the prospect of starring in in the show.

She went on to explain that she was asked whether she was available to film the show this autumn, adding: “They were interested in me being in American Horror Story, sounds plausible.”