Lily Allen says Theresa May’s campaign slogan is ‘misogynistic’

Lily Allen has hit out at Theresa May’s campaign slogan, calling it ‘weird’ and ‘misogynistic’.

The Prime Minister was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman last night on Channel 4’s May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10.

After the interview, the Conservatives tweeted ‘Tonight showed this ‘bloody difficult woman’ is the only candidate who can get the best Brexit deal for Britain. #BattleForNumber10′.


Lily Allen responded to the tweet, writing; ‘So weird that she keeps trotting out this misogynistic term as a campaign slogan. It’s not funny.’ You can see the tweet below.

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Earlier this month, Lily Allen offered her fans a series of previously unreleased demos if they could prove to the singer that they registered to vote in the forthcoming General Election.

Allen took to Twitter to announce the demos with the message: “Just discovered a USB full of quite good demos . Winning . Register to vote and I’ll send you them *screenshot* and @ me. I’ll follow and dm.”

She went so far as to preview some of the songs in a video as well, revealing that at least one of the songs spans as far as three years back (around the time of her most recent studio album ‘Sheezus’).


Meanwhile, Brian May has criticised Theresa May over the Prime Minister’s renewed support of fox hunting.
Upon hearing the Prime Minister’s staunch stance on the issue, May took to his social media channels to register his disgust with the politician’s latest views.

“It’s official today,” the 69-year-old wrote. “The battle lines are now drawn. This awful woman will bring back blood sports, unless we stop her in her tracks.”

While May appears to be firmly against the leader of the Conservative party, the guitarist had previously said that he wasn’t totally “anti-Tory”.