No Shame: Lily Allen unveils fourth album and releases two new tracks

Lily's back...

Lily Allen has revealed details of her forth album ‘No Shame’, as well as unveiling two new tracks that are taken directly from the record.

The record is the first from the London singer since 2014’s ‘Sheezus’, and it’ll hit stores across the UK on June 9.

She’s also given fans a teaser of what to expect by releasing ‘Three’ and ‘Higher’, which are both taken from the record. You can check them both out below.


“I believe that we as humans work through things by talking about them, and that’s what making music is, for me. It’s sharing things that you hope are going to connect with people, not that are going to connect with algorithms”, Allen said of the record.

“I think we are so led by outside forces in terms of the way we express ourselves nowadays, because we’re so scared of what comes back. It’s something I’ve always wanted to explore. It’s why I went into it at the beginning, when it felt a lot more free.”

Yesterday, Allen opened up on her use of social media in an interview with Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga, and explained how it’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore online negativity and hatred.

“A lot of the time I’m saying things that really aren’t that bad and that get twisted to mean something really different, so no one can really take that away from me,” she said.


“A lot of the stuff that I get in my timeline [is] horrible and threatening stuff. These people are saying a lot of horrible things about me, my kids, my role as a mother, my work – is everyone alright with that?