“It’s really clever” – Lily Allen is working on a “concept album and two musicals”

"There's a weird decline in music videos, but then this musical thing is still taking off"

Lily Allen has revealed that she’s currently working on a concept album and two musicals.

Allen’s last album was 2018’s acclaimed ‘No Shame‘, which went on to be nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. However she’s already back at work for her next record – and has some very ambitious plans in the pipeline.

“It’s a concept album,” Allen told Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1 Radio. “But I’ve already written loads of songs, but they work with the concept, so I’m really excited about it. I think it’s really good. I think it’s really clever. I’m also writing like two musicals at the moment. And I’m really excited about that.


“Not only because I think commercially there’s a lot happening there. I think, you know, last year the biggest album was ‘The Greatest Showman’, right? And you know, the Oscars was A Star is Born and the Queen movie, I mean, ‘Rhapsody’. So, I just, I think there’s sort of like a weird decline in music videos, but then this musical thing is still taking off.”

Speaking to NME last year, Allen called for music to become more political.

“I think that there is a bit of a cultural cold war thing going on at the moment…capitalism is [the] main enemy,” Allen told NME. “It should be arts and culture and it feels like politics has never been in such a drastic state as it is in this country and America, lots of the Western world hasn’t been as bad as it is now for a long time.”

Allen’s next live dates in the UK include appearances at Love Will Save The Day in Bristol and the Isle Of Wight Festival.


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