But Durst's not letting on who it is...

With work continuing on their new album, LIMP BIZKIT have now hired a producer.

The band have been writing and recording new tracks without a replacement guitarist, following the departure of Wes Borland last year. Singer Fred Durst has filled in as guitarist on some of the band’s early recordings.

Writing to fans on the Limp Bizkit website, www.limpbizkit.com, Durst revealed that they have introduced a producer to the sessions, although he was unwilling to disclose who it is.

He wrote: “I just came home from band practice and it was a good one. We wrote two and a half songs tonight, stoked! The album is coming along really good. We just hired a producer but I am not allowed to tell you who it is yet. It’s in the deal. We have some great ideas all ready to be recorded. We can’t wait. It has been an inspirational year for us. There are a lot of layers to be shed on this album. Some will feel a little familiar, others will take you places we’ve never taken you before. We are definitely on an emotional journey into the future.”

During breaks from recording, Durst is working on a skateboarding film, ‘The Lords Of Dogtown’, which is due for release “sometime next fall”.