Bizkit lawyers to 'consider their position' as to whether Durst will testify...

LIMP BIZKIT were criticised yet again yesterday (November 28) during the ongoing inquest into the death of a fan at their BIG DAY OUT show in Sydney in January.

Deputy coroner Jacqueline Milledge said that the court was “offended” by their response to an early request from her that its lead singer, Fred Durst, testify.

Lawyers acting for Limp Bizkit told the court that they would facilitate testimony from the Bizkit manager and their engineers via video link-up, and they would then consider their position on Durst.

“To be very honest, I’m offended that that’s their attitude,” an angry Ms Milledge said. “It offends this court that they’ll decide whether Mr Durst needs to be heard from or not. I don’t think it’s a very proper way of dealing with the court.”

At the Sydney hearing yesterday, a security guard told how he pulled the limp body of fatally injured fan Jessica Michalik from the crowd.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reports that Graham MacKay said he noticed the 16-year-old lying motionless in the moshpit during Limp Bizkit’s performance on January 26. He added that colleagues held his belt while he leaned over and pulled the people off Jessica.

“I placed my arms under her arms so that I could get hold of her properly. I noticed that her head was slumped and I saw that her eyes had rolled back,” he said.

“I could see only part of her pupils at the top and the rest was the whites of her eyes. Her face was pale. I felt her whole body was slumped.” Jessica died in hospital five days later without regaining consciousness.

The inquest continues.