The band plan to write an album's worth of new material over the next fortnight with new guitarist Mike Smith...

LIMP BIZKIT are set to write an album’s worth of new material over the next fortnight with their new guitarist MIKE SMITH, according to frontman FRED DURST.

Durst revealed on the official Limp Bizkit website [url=] that the “chemistry” between Smith and the rest of the band is “so dope” that new material is flowing.

He said: The energy and vibe in our rehearsal space is absolutely amazing!! We have a guitar player that is going to bug you out. the songs are out of control and I’m on a fucking mission. It’s on!!”

Limp Bizkit have recorded a number of tracks for their fourth album, which has been tentatively titled ‘The Search for Teddy Swoes’.

Durst may now decide to include some of the proposed new tracks recorded with Smith on the follow-up to 2000’s ‘Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavoured Water’.

He said: “We will still have it ready to release before the summer tour with Metallica. The 19 songs we wrote without Mike are still amazing and sitting on the shelf waiting on me to do whatever the hell I want to do with them.”

Limp Bizkit will headline the Download Festival at Donington Park on May 31 – June 1 with Iron Maiden and will be touring the US with Metallica

and Linkin Park

in July as part of the Summer Sanitarium tour.

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