Amelia Tomiki tells an inquest how she fell on top of tragic Jessica Michalik due to a 70,000-strong surging crowd...

A girl in the moshpit during LIMP BIZKIT‘s performance at this year’s tragic BIG DAY OUT concert has told the inquest how she became trapped under an avalanche of enthusiastic fans.

Amelia Tomiki, 16, remembered how she fell on top of a girl at the January 26 gig, now known to be Jessica Michalik, 16, who died when the surging 70,000 strong crowd caused the moshpit to cave in.

“I was on top of about three people, Jessica was on the bottom, with a male on top of her and then me,” Amelia told an inquest into Jessica’s death, the [url=]Australian Daily Telegraph reports.


“While I was down I could feel just more and more weight being added, more and more people were on top of me . . . people were screaming ‘Help, get off me’.

“I was too squashed to breathe . . . I started to black out and I could see everything start to turn white.

“I remember that the girl and guy that were underneath me were now quiet, they [were] no longer screaming.”

Amelia was fortunate enough to be pulled to safety over the barricade at front of stage, but she sustained serious injuries. “The next day my face was bruised, a blood clot in my eye had busted and spread all through my eye and I had chest pains which went away later.”

The coroner, Jacquie Milledge, appealed to singer Fred Durst to testify in the inquest, as reported yesterday (November 21) on NME.COM. Durst has faxed a brief response to certain questions, but this remains unsatisfactory. Ms Milledge said it was “absolutely imperative” that Durst contributed to the proceedings. However, the court cannot force Durst to testify.

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