Fred debuts new album, blasts rivals just before rocking free London show…

LIMP BIZKIT’s next single is to be a cover of THE WHO’s ‘BEHIND BLUE EYES’ singer FRED DURST has revealed.

Speaking after a playback of the new album ‘Results May Vary’ in London, he said he identified with the melancholic introverted lyrics concerned with the dual nature of the man from 1971’s ‘Who’s Next’ album.

This is the first album since the departure of guitarist Wes Borland in 2001. Recorded with new full-time guitarist Mike Smith formerly of Snot, it features much less of their trademark rap/rock hybrid, with more a more brooding sound with nods to [a][/a].

The full tracklisting is:

‘Re Entry (Intro with All Around The World)’

‘Eat You Alive’

‘Gimme The Mic’

‘Underneath The Gun’

‘Down Another Day’

‘Almost Over’

‘Build A Bridge’

‘Red Light – Green Light’

‘The Only One’

‘Let Me Down’

‘Lonely World’


‘Creamer (Radio Is Dead)’

‘Head For The Barricade’

‘Behind Blue Eyes’


The same day Limp Bizkit played a free show in London’s Finsbury Park. He dedicated ‘Break Stuff’ to “that bitch Britney Spears“. During ‘My Way’ four fans joined him on stage to dance. For ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ he made his way into the middle of the crowd between two barriers to sing.

The full set was:

‘Eat You Alive’

‘Hot Dog’

‘My Generation’

‘Break Stuff’

‘My Way’

‘Underneath The Gun’


‘Behind Blue Eyes’

‘Take A Look Around’

‘Full Nelson’