The star wants to go to the site of the old World Trade Center while in NYC to record a DMX collaboration...

LIMP BIZKIT vocalist FRED DURST has said he plans to visit the site of the terrorist attacks in NEW YORK for inspiration.

Durst is currently in the city where he is due to collaborate with rapper DMX on a new track. Speaking in his online diary to fans, Durst said he hopes to visit Ground Zero, the name given to the area where the World Trade Center used to stand prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks, so as to be “inspired”.

He wrote: “I’m in NYC right now at the 4 Seasons waiting on DMX to get to the studio. I came here to do a song with him for his new soundtrack. I’m stoked. I think I’m going to Ground Zero tomorrow to be inspired.”

Durst also took the opportunity to wish luck to departed guitarist Wes Borland, who left the group last month to start his own band.

He continued: “I here (sic) that Wes has a new band already, damn. We wish him all the luck in the world and hope he is finally happy. Limp Bizkit is still in the house and we feel stronger and more inspired than ever. I really believe this search for a new guitar player is gonna uncover something truly amazing. I hope you’re as excited as we are. you learn in life to not dwell and to look at things as opportunities to excel instead of being set back. We haven’t let you down yet. Remember, guitarists of all ages, all walks of life, boys and girls. its on!! I think you can tell we have a lot to say and a lot to release on this new album. It’s gonna get ugly!”

The group plan to host a series of open auditions later this year to find Borland’s replacement.