Has Wes Borland's search for the perfect frontman finally ended?...

Ex-LIMP BIZKIT guitarist WES BORLAND has said he has found someone with an “amazing voice” in the hunt for a singer for EAT THE DAY.

Borland formed the group after leaving the nu-metal outfit last year. Recently, he put a post on his website, saying they have been unable to find the singer they wanted and requesting people send in audition tapes.

Now, he has said that has been successful, but still wants more input from people who could be the right singer.

“So this whole going public with the singer search thing wasn’t such a bad idea after all.” he wrote on “We will be meeting with an actual real live human being that sent us a recording of his amazing voice. If you sent in a demo and have not been contacted, we really appreciate your time, but we won’t be calling or writing most of you back. We don’t have the energy that it would take to do that. Just know that we really are grateful for all of your interest in what we are doing.”

Borland wants demos sent to Eat the Day, P.O. Box #103

1954 Hillhurst Ave, Los Feliz, Ca. 90027. Or e-mail an MP3 to