One hundred Limp Bizkit fans show up for fake 4/20 gig at Ohio petrol station

Nu-metal fans were duped by hoax yesterday

Limp Bizkit fans were left disappointed on Wednesday (April 20) after being duped into believing that the nu-metal band were playing a special 4/20 show at a petrol station in Ohio.

Speculation began when a local resident named Brian Baker created a Facebook event called ‘Limp Bizkit to play 4/20 Secret Show’, which listed the US group as playing a show at the Sunoco petrol station in Dayton, Ohio on April 20, 2017.

Despite warnings from local police, the petrol station staff and the band themselves that the rumoured gig was a hoax, and the fact that the advertised date was supposed to be a year later, local news site reports that over 100 people still arrived at the petrol station expecting Limp Bizkit to perform. Some had even made their own t-shirts for the occasion. Five police cars were also called to the scene.

Baker refused to take blame for duping fans, telling The Daily Beast : “I made the event for 2017—and then the people decided that they want it now”.

Andy Rowe, a fellow admin of the original Facebook event, added: “I have never laughed so hard like I have these last two days, yet understood so little about why it’s funny in the first place. I keep asking myself, ‘Why does it seem like the whole world is bent on seeing Limp Bizkit play at this gas station?’

However, Dayton resident Michael Pelaze said that he knew the event was a joke but “was hoping something fun would go down.”

Responding to the incident, Limp Bizkit’s frontman later took to Twitter to say: “Props to the posers who got everyone going”.