The Limp Bizkit frontman bemoans the lack of fresh talent in nu-metal...

LIMP BIZKIT frontman FRED DURST has described his band’s music as “timeless” and has bemoaned the lack of fresh talent in nu-metal.

Speaking to NME.COM at the launch of his Flawless record label at The Supper Club in Amsterdam, he said: “I’m here for longevity. I’m not here to make a statement. I’m here to make timeless music.”

Durst plans to spend this summer directing the feature film ‘Runt’ and is expected to follow that with a teen thriller, ‘Life Without Joe’. He said: “I’m working on a couple of films I want to direct that are exciting and need to be made. One of them is ‘Runt’ – it’s about an underdog in high school.”

Durst has been working on the ideas for the film with help from David Fincher, director of ‘Seven’ and ‘Fight Club’. The frontman also revealed that the whole band would be involved. “We’re going to score the film and we’re going to do the soundtrack,” he said.

Durst also said the band were trying out new ideas in soundchecks for the follow-up to ‘Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water’. “If the film doesn’t come through, we’re hoping to write all the new Limp Bizkit record,” he said.

The singer also talked about Bizkit‘s return to the UK for summer dates, which culminate with their show at Milton Keynes Bowl on June 24.

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Durst told NME.COM: “Before, we were scared at Reading [Festival, where they played last year], we were scared because we didn’t know what people were going to feel. So now we’ve sold the shows out, we know the energy’s there and everybody’s anticipating it. And we feed off energy. So if the energy’s not there we’ll be shitty, if it is there we’ll be great.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, Limp Bizkit‘s new single will be ‘Boiler’, as voted for by fans on the official website, and will feature a “Pink Floydy” video.

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