Wes Borland presents Eat The Day...

Ex-LIMP BIZKIT guitarist WES BORLAND has christened his new group EAT THE DAY.

Alongside Borland, the band will consist of vocalist and brother Scott Borland on vocals, drummer Greg Isabella and DJ/ sampler Kyle Weeks, according to MTV news.

The group’s composition is identical to that of Borland’s Limp Bizkit side-project Big Dumb Face. In a statement on the official Big Dumb Face website, www.bigdumbface.com, it is revealed that Eat The Day are named after an effect Borland put on a keyboard in his house.

Speaking about the Eat The Day, Borland said: “If you like what I did in Limp Bizkit and saw where I wanted to go with it, you will love this new band.”

An album, produced by Ross Robinson, is tentatively scheduled for mid-2002.

Borland walked out on Limp Bizkit last month. Frontman Fred Durst is to undertake a series of open auditions in late-November in hope of finding Borland’s replacement.