Fred Durst wants people to be able to see the "shit hit the fan"...

FRED DURST has invited LIMP BIZKIT fans to come to the band’s studio to watch them work on their new album.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the group plan to start work on their fourth, and as-yet-untitled new album, later this year.

Now, on a posting on the group’s official website at www.limpbizkit.com, Durst said that he wants fans to be present throughout the writing and recording sessions.

He said: “There is no possible way to be prepared for what we have in store for you. You’ll see soon enough. Or shall I say hear soon enough? I wanna get some of you in the studio (with) us when we write and record this album. I’ll make sure there is plenty of ways for you to get a fair chance to see the shit hit the fan.”

Speaking about the progress on the album so far, Durst said: “You should hear the fucking riffs Wes Borland is writing now! Holy shit they are dope. He is very very angry right now. Y’all are gonna bug the hell out. I’m trippin’ on this shit. I think you’ll be really proud of us for once. I’ve missed all of you way too much. I’m back baby!”

In other news, the group have recorded a version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s classic ‘Relax’ for a forthcoming film.

According to MTV news, the group have recorded the track for the forthcoming Ben Stiller film ‘Zoolander’.

Speaking about the track, producer BT, who is scoring the film, said: “It is the bomb, it is so dope. It’s not really a cover – you’ll know what I mean when you hear it. … It’s sorta like if a band did a remix.”