Maybe that's why the guitarist left Limp Bizkit...

LIMP BIZKIT frontman FRED DURST has claimed he was the creative force behind most of former guitarist WES BORLAND’s guitar parts, and is picking up the guitar again for the band’s fourth album, ‘BIPOLAR’.

Durst said his role as writer precipitated the departure of Borland, who is currently searching for vocalists for his new band, Eat The Day.

Durst told Kerrrang!: ” I really realised after Wes quit I had to pick up the guitar and write every single song myself.


“That’s why Wes wanted his freedom , because I really told him what to play, I wrote everything (and) did everything.”

Following the release of ‘Bipolar’ on May 13, Limp Bizkit return to the UK to headline the second day of the Download Festival. The metal bash is held over the weekend of May 31 and June 1 and also features a href=””>Marilyn Manson and Deftones.

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