Frontman Fred Durst also says he is signing two or three bands he discovered on the jaunt to replace Wes Borland...

FRED DURST has revealed that several of the people who came forward during Limp Bizkit‘s nationwide auditions for a new guitarist have been taken to LOS ANGELES for further work with the band.

Writing on the group’s official website [url=], Durst has also said that he is signing two or three bands he discovered on the jaunt from demos presented by fans.

“We are so excited to bring several of the people we jammed with on the tour back to LA to see what could possibly become of it,” he said. “You just never know. I am sure that this will be our best album yet.

Durst added: “We are set up in [DJ] Lethal’s studio and jamming already. The vibe is incredible. We are exploding at the seems with emotional creativity, its on!!!!!! I actually am signing two or three bands from the talent search and I’m not even done listening to the demos yet, pahleeze bahleeve!! You people have so much confidence in yourselves that I am blown away.”

Durst had been accused of forcing those who auditioned to sign over copyright to anything they performed. It was alleged he intended to use the best of what he heard on the forthcoming [a][/a] album. Durst has vehemently denied the accusation. He tailed off his posting thanking fans.

“I really thank you all, from the bottom to the top of my heart to the top of my heart, for being there for us during a time when we need your unconditional support.”

Meanwhile, Durst has claimed he is too busy to attend the re-opened inquest into the death of fan Jessica Michalik, who suffered a heart attack during a crowd crush at the Big Day Out concert in Sydney in January last year.

Durst has offered to provide testimony to the Sydney hearing by video-link. Coroner Jacqueline Milledge will rule tomorrow whether his evidence will be admissable.