The Limp Bizkit frontman claims an unknown will take the group to the "next level"...

FRED DURST has spoken of the importance of finding a relative unknown to replace LIMP BIZKIT guitarist WES BORLAND.

Limp Bizkit were left without a guitarist following Borland’s highly publicised decision to leave the group earlier this month. Now, in an online posting on the group’s official website,, Durst claims that finding an “unknown person with an incredible vibe” is the only way the group can progress. The band are to hold a series of fan auditions across the US next month in the hope of finding a replacement for Borland.

He wrote: “I hope we get to meet all of you on this nationwide tour starting end of November. I know that one of you out there (is) absolutely shred on guitar. I’m gonna find you, believe me!! I don’t wanna jam with someone that everybody already knows. We want an unknown person with an incredible vibe that is hungry to create music on the next level. Wes’ shoes are hard ones to fill, you know. It’s all about the music, and that my friends will come to you with 100% uncensored emotion.

“This is a time to think about the future and what we can do to make the present a place we all want to dwell in. I’m ready to find new blood. I can’t wait to see everybody. If we’re coming near you then get your ass out of the house and come hang!”

Likely cities for auditions include Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.