The frontman calls the famous canals "disgusting" and "putrid"...

FRED DURST has launched a bizarre and stinging attack on the city of AMSTERDAM, labelling it “disgusting” and “putrid”, NME.COM can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from the city on the eve of Limp Bizkit‘s first date on their European tour in Amsterdam tonight (May 16) Durst said:

“I think Amsterdam has the most disgusting canals I’ve ever seen. People pissing and shitting in these fucking canals. I cannot believe that Amsterdam lets this place get so polluted. I think it’s the most disgusting smell in water I could ever comprehend. And there’s people with their boats in this fucking water. And there’s people swimming in this water. It’s disgusting and I find it putrid,” the enraged rap-rocker said.

He added: “But I don’t smoke pot and I don’t fuck hookers so Amsterdam is only architecturally great for me.”

Durst was hosting a listening party for Kenna and Puddle Of Mudd, two acts on his new label imprint Flawless. Both acts are set to release their debut albums soon.

“Kenna is a breath of fresh air to pop music such as Elton John was, such as John Lennon was such as Peter Gabriel was – in those senses of abstract. I can’t really pigeonhole him. It’s extremes, but really great songs,” said Durst. Of Puddle Of Mudd he explained:

“Puddle Of Mudd is a real rock and roll band, they’re timeless. It’s not nu-metal at all. If I could find a great nu-metal act, if I could find them and make everybody go, ‘woo we have something that’s real’, I’d bring it out. But I haven’t found anything. These are the two bands. It took me two years to find these bands.”

“I’m here for longevity. I’m not here to make a statement. I’m here to make timeless music,” he added.

You can hear the interview in full, including Durst’s thoughts on the upcoming tour, new Limp Bizkit material and Durst’s career as a feature film director in the coming days on NME.COM.