Limp Bizkit singer Durst urges fans to talk about something other than the pair's alleged relationship...

FRED DURST has called a truce with BRITNEY SPEARS, after revealing intimate details about their alleged relationship on ‘THE HOWARD STERN SHOW’.

Speaking on [url=], Fred urged his fans to talk about something other than his supposed relationship with the pop star in the discussion posts on the website.

“Enough already about the ‘Fred and Britney’ thing. I’m gonna do my best to put it behind me,” ranted Durst. “Lets talk about ‘Bipolar’ coming out May 13 (May 12 in UK). Lets talk about how its gonna fuck you up when you hear it. Let’s talk about any motherfucking thing besides you know who anymore.”

The hostility comes on the back of Britney‘s denial of a relationship with Durst, with Britney claiming she hardly knows the nu-metal frontman. Durst however has written songs about the relationship, an unnamed track, and ‘Just Drop Dead’, which he affirms was inspired bySpears.

Durst explained: “I am close friends with Larry who manages our princess and he, Britney, and I have agreed to shut it up. If you hear anything else, it’s probably bullshit!”