Ross Robinson tells NME.COM the axe maestro is "happier then he's ever been in his entire life"...

Superproducer ROSS ROBINSON has spoken to NME.COM about WES BORLAND’s decision to quit LIMP BIZKIT.

Robinson worked as a producer with Limp Bizkit in their early days, but later turned his back on the rap-rock sound. As NME revealed last week, guitarist Borland left the band after he too became disillusioned – and Robinson was one of the first people he called.

“He’s happier than he’s ever been in his entire life,” Robinson told NME.COM. “He’s not a bitter person at all. He called me up and he was laughing out of joy.”

Asked what made Borland quit, Robinson said: “What do you think?! Everybody knows. It’s the same exact thing as from the beginning. He quit before the band did the first record. He’s following his heart, he’s a person of integrity. He doesn’t sell out for money any more.”

He added: “Hopefully they’re all taken care of enough to not have to worry about the future. It would be cool to see them go on and be happy in what they are doing.”

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