The band are mixing the LP in New York....

LIMP BIZKIT have changed the name of their new album to ‘BIPOLAR’, and are mixing in NEW YORK.

The group, working on their new record without the input of guitarist Wes Borland, previously announced the album would be called ‘Less Is More’.

Now titled ‘Bipolar’, singer Fred Durst claims it will be released on May 13 in the US, which corresponds to a May 12 release date in the UK.

Mixing is underway with Andy Wallace, who, as well as working with Bizkit in the past, has also worked with [a][/a], Feeder, Foo Fighters and Korn.

“We’ve finished the album and I’ve just arrived in NY to mix with Andy Wallace.” Durst wrote on www.limpbizkit.com. “I’m gonna drop the first single as soon as Andy mixes it. You’re absolutely in for a surprise. I’m fed up with a lot of shit and ‘Bipolar’ is the way I have chosen to vent and like it or not its coming.”

The band recently posted an MP3 of a new song, ‘Just Drop Dead’, on the website.

“Listen to it a few times really fucking loud.” Durst said of the song. “Just know that it is definitely not our first single, but just a great way to vent. It is a raw, rough, and unmixed version of the song that came straight from the studio. Somehow it just turned itself into an MP3 and jumped right into the computer. I told it to stop, but it told me to shut the hell up!”

Limp Bizkit are to headline this year’s Download Festival over the weekend of May 31-June 1.

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