The parties will take place all across America

LIMP BIZKIT are to hold a series of open auditions to find the replacement for departed guitarist WES BORLAND.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Borland has quit the group, with both parties planning to “continue to pursue their respective musical careers.”

Now according to a posting on the group’s official website,, the remaining members of the band will host a series of “fan parties” across the US to find a new member.


Speaking previously, Fred Durst promised to “comb the globe” to find the replacement.

A new statement claims that each party will be in a different location and will take a different format.

Speaking about the parties, Durst said: “It’s just a great chance for us to be with our fans. We could be at a club, at your house, at the mall, at your high school, who knows… All I have to say is if you got it… bring it on.”

The statement continues: “The guitarist auditions will offer the opportunity for talented young players from across the country to have a unique opportunity to join one of the largest rock bands in the world. The tour will look to stop in a minimum of 8 and as many as 14 markets.”

Likely cities include Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, with the auditions to start in late November.

Final details will be confirmed via the band’s official website.