The singer urges fans to e-mail the departed guitarist and admits the band "really miss him"...

FRED DURST has urged fans to email WES BORLAND, asking him to rejoin LIMP BIZKIT.

The band have been without a guitarist since Borland walked out in October last year. Following that, the remaining members of the group hosted a series of open auditions across the US, giving hopefuls the opportunity to try out for the group.

However, following the auditions, no replacement was announced, sparking rumours the band could not find a replacement suitable. Now, writing on the band’s official website, www.limpbizkit.com, Durst said that he has taken to playing the guitar, but he hopes that Borland will come back to the group “one day soon”.

He wrote: “We are still jamming right now. We are hoping Wes will come back and surprise us one day soon though. We really miss him. But he’s doing his thing and he’s supposedly really happy. I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. All kinds of styles. I’m playing guitar too, scary!

“We, Limp Bizkit, have rented a cheesy 70s house in the flats and soundproofed it for jamming. It’s pink and out of control. We call it the Pink Palace. Each room has a little studio set up in it. The master bedroom is a studio too and I’m sleeping in the closet, literally. I put a mattress in the closet with a TV, ps2, and cable modem. I’m hooked. Out back we built a tiki hut by the pool for ill pool parties and shit…

“If you want, email Wes and tell him to come back to his family. I miss all of you and cannot wait to connect through another musical journey soon!”