Timbaland, William Orbit andThe Neptunes all get a look in...

LIMP BIZKIT have been speaking about their remix album, ‘OLD NEW SONGS’, due for release in December.

The nu-metallers’ songs have been tackled by artists such as Timbaland, P Diddy, William Orbit and The Neptunes. The band’s DJ Lethal said: “The most drastic is Wes’ [Borland, Bizkit guitarist] remix of ‘Break Stuff’. It’s kind of like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin – just loud and really crazy. Mine’s more just club.”

Lethal pointed out to that the remixes produced varying results. “We’ve gotten a couple that are just awful. Sometimes when the rap guys try to get into the rock stuff, they just don’t get it. It gets kind of cheesy and they overdo it and get too grimy and start screaming on tracks. Since it’s rock, most of the songs are not to a certain tempo, so when you remix you have to align the vocals maybe sometimes word by word, sometimes sentence by sentence. You have to break it up so it fits. And some of them, it sounds like they didn’t even listen to the songs because the vocals are in a different place.”

Fred Durst said: “The remixes are like brand new songs. We’re writing our new record, so this is something you can put in your stereos and bump to.” There is no release date set for Limp Bizkit‘s fourth studio album, but they are planning a DVD featuring home movie footage and music videos in time for Christmas.