Durst says the group's critics will just drive the band to make better records. Let's hope so...

FRED DURST hit back at his critics, claiming the “haters” who criticise LIMP BIZKIT are just giving him “fuel” for the band’s forthcomning fourth album.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Durst previously accused the world’s media of being on a “Limp-hating rampage”.

Now, in a posting from Jacksonville on the band’s official website,, Durst said that all the “haters” are just driving the band to make better records.

He wrote: “I’d like to say hello to all the haters out there. Man is there a lot of them. It’s hard to ignore sometimes but I’m trying. So much motherfucking ‘Hatorade’ going down the throats of some miserable people out there. Well, drink up assholes because you are really giving me some fuel for the new lyrics. I ain’t mad at that at all. Hate is a disease. Hate, for some, is a way of life. Hate, for others, is ignorance. There is a thin line between good and evil. Knowing this I prepare for our new album.”

Speaking about the as-yet-untitled album, which the band will start next month, he commented: “I really believe the fourth Limp album is gonna be your favourite. We’ll see. Life keeps evolving, days keep burning by, earth keeps corroding, space becomes deeper, emotions continue to plague, Limp Bizkit continues to make the journey…Wes says he has some sick riffs for our new album and I can’t wait to hear them “

Elsewhere, Durst appealed to fans to help the band decide the concept for their next world tour. He wrote: “We, Limp Bizkit are trying to figure out another cool idea for our next tour. Something that is for our fans again. I’d love some input from y’all. What is next? What do you want?”

The band recently pulled a series of shows in Europe due to an injury sustained to Durst’s back.