Fred Durst to fire Limp Bizkit members?

Singer reportedly miffed at their partying ways

Fred Durst wants to fire two of the original members of Limp Bizkit, according to reports.

The eternally cap-sporting rocker is fed up with the rest of his band’s partying ways, says TMZ, and wants to boot out drummer John Otto and DJ Lethal from the group.

Last month it was reported that Limp Bizkit had signed a deal with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money label, with Durst subsequently boasting that they were preparing to unleash the “craziest metal record of all time”, but the goodwill amongst the band has now seemingly been dashed.

Speaking about the looming prospect of unemployment, DJ Lethal said: “We’ve worked together the last four years to bring Limp Bizkit back to where it is today… and to be thrown out on the street after the band gets a new deal and a new chance at life isn’t cool.

“You can’t push away the people who helped you get there. The fans should know that if 2/5 of the original band are not playing at the concerts, it won’t be truthful to them.”

Although reports claim that Lethal or Otto have not been officially fired yet, they could soon face the chop if they don’t clean up their acts to fit in with Durst’s “new vision” for the band.

In December last year, Limp Bizkit said goodbye to their old record label, Interscope, following poor album sales from their last LP ‘Gold Cobra’.