George and Barbara Michalik insist more should have been done to prevent the crowd crush during which their teenage daughter suffered a heart attack...

The parents of the teenage girl who died after suffering a heart attack at SYDNEY BIG DAY OUT on Friday last week (January 26) have accused organisers of not doing enough to prevent the tragedy.

Jessica Michalik, 15, a Dee Why High School student, suffered a heart attack during a crowd crush at Sydney’s Big Day Out that took place following Limp Bizkit’s first song.

And the band have reportedly been in continued contact with the parents since returning to the US and cancelling further dates, while themselves criticising safety measures at the festival.

The girl’s parents, George and Barbara Michalik, who had previously remained silent, said organisers should have done more to prevent the tragedy during an interview on Australian television station Channel 9.

“The indication (is that) the organisers had not done everything they could.

“I’m sure her death won’t go unnoticed and (be) for nothing.”

The girl, an only child, was to have started year eleven on Tuesday, and

yesterday (February 1) counsellors were sent to her Sydney school to console her friends and teachers.

The girl had suffered the heart attack before being retrieved from the crowd

crush by security guards. And though she was revived at the scene, she died

on Wednesday (January 31) in Concord Hospital after spending the weekend in intensive care.

A spokesperson for the hospital said she “died peacefully” after her life

support was turned off on doctor’s advice.

Limp Bizkit issued a statement which said the band was “devastated” and extended its condolences to the girl’s friends and family.

“We are devastated that Jessica died and really nothing can describe the sadness and anguish we are feeling. We offer sympathy, prayers, and compassion to her family and friends. The loss of her life will impact ours forever.”

Big Day Out organisers had previously rejected criticism of their security over the crush, which saw six people ferried to hospital, pointing to the intensity of Limp Bizkit’s performance.

Police in Sydney are currently investigating the incident for the Coroner.

The Adelaide Big Day Out is taking place today (February 2), with organisers expecting about 25,000 people to brave the forecast 39 degree heat.

The festival, which features Rammstein, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Queens Of The Stone Age andColdplay, will then travel to Perth for the final date of the tour on Sunday (February 4).